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Upcoming Events:

August 10 to September 4 - First Leaf 

A 1 month long online Theatre course for children between the age 7-14. Children will be taught Basics of storytelling, Art, Creative Reading and Writing for 1 hour per day on weekdays. 

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August 29 & 30 - September 5 & 6 - Big Step 4 + One

An introduction to Theatre workshop conducted online spanning over two-weekends that includes four interactive, fun Theatre sessions plus one small Theatre piece performance.

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Starting from mid of September - NAVARASA 

A 8 month comprehensive Theatre/Acting diploma course offered in collaboration with Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bengaluru. This is a certified course providing complete exposure to various aspects of Theatre.

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Note: The only way to join WeMove Theatre is by attending 'Big Step workshop'

There are three kinds of 'Big Step' workshops

1. Big step one day workshop - as the name says it is a comprehensive one-day workshop includes introduction to Theatre

2. Big Step 4+one  - 2 weekend Theatre intensive for beginners that includes four sessions and one small performance.

3. Big Step Intensive - A 12-weekend Theatre intensive program that ends with a graduation play in an auditorium. ​

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