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Big Step Boot Camp

This one-day workshop includes introduction into Basics of Theatre such as Voice Modulation, Body Movements, Stage Etiquettes, Acting on stage. The workshop ends with a small group Improvised Theatre Performance on spot

Big Step 4+1


Big Step 4 + One is a comprehensive Theatre  workshop spanning over two-weekends that includes four interactive, fun Theatre sessions plus one small Theatre piece performance.  The participants will be exposed to various aspects such as Basics of Stage, Body Language, Emotions, Improv, Script Reading, Characterization and more. 

Starting from November 18th

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Big Step Intensive

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WeMove's 16-weekend intensive theatre workshop provides exposure to all aspects of theatre in detail. The participants will be guided to a full fledge production at the end of the workshop which will be staged for public as a ticketed event in a auditorium. The play will be a guided show largely written or mentored specifically for Theatre Intensive.

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Big Step One on One

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The One-on-One Theatre Workshop offers a personalized and immersive learning experience for individuals passionate about the art of theatre. Through individualized coaching, skill development, and performance opportunities, participants will gain the confidence, techniques, and insights needed to excel in their acting pursuits. By focusing on individual strengths and goals, this workshop aims to nurture and unleash the full creative potential of each participant, fostering growth and artistic excellence.

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We bring Theatre to your doorstep. A custom theatre workshop program where you choose the place and date, and we bring you the fun of theatre. The program is for everyone, for a family or a group of friends or just a group of friends in a apartment. Also, the program is customizable as per occasions and events.



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Theatre in Corporate program aims at creating your work place a better place all together. We offer Corporate Big Step workshops to expose you to the World of Theatre and drive any soft skills with theatre as a medium. Let us know your requirement and we will full fill it in a theatrical way.



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First Leaf, part of WeMove's Tiny Tales program offers platform to let your child step into the World of Theatre. With experienced theatre teachers specialized in teaching children will make the experience a memorable and fun filled event for your children.

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