Theatre For Corporates

Seven days without laughter makes one Weak!

Theatre in Corporate program aims at creating your work place a better place all together. With busy schedules, the Corporate world more often appears to be grim and serious. 

We offer Corporate workshops using "Theatre" as a medium. Some of the workshops we offer include
1. Stress Management
2. Conflict Management
3. Leadership Skills
4. Communication Management
5. Fun @ work
6. Theatre workshop
7. Team building
8. Customized Intervention Sessions

We believe Corporate shows are not all about budget, venue or expensive giveaways.

Theatre in Education

Early The Better

Tell people more about this item. What's it about and what makes it interesting? Give people the info they need to go Theatre for Education concentrates on the overall development of students while they are still in growing stage. We use Theatre as a medium to make students gain:
1. Concentration
2. Shedding stage fear
3. Coordination skills
4. Listening skills ahead and take the action you want.

Children nowadays are multi-talented. We at WeMove make them and their parents realize the true talent hidden in them. 
Every child is a Actor/writer/director in their own right! WeMove's THEATRE WORKSHOP FOR KIDS help children to realize their inner passions and strengths, more over it will help them to focus in the right direction 

Big Step One Day Workshop

Boot Camp to the world of heatre

Big Step is a one-day theatre workshop which will introduce to the world of theatre and helps you explore your creative side.

Big Step is an initiative to encourage new talent by providing a platform to all those who want to learn more about theatre. The workshop focuses on bringing out the passion inside you by  providing you a space to explore the unknown talent inside you waiting to be set free.

This comprehensive one-day workshop includes introduction:

1. Introduction and Ice Breakers
Series of Theatre activities which will help people to get into the workshop mode
2. Voice Modulation
Knowing the actors Voice pitch and Clarity
3. Body Movements
Body Movements include physicality of the theatre
4. Acting on Stage
Acting on stage includes techniques/tools to act on stage
5. End with a Small Improvisational form of Theatre/performance

Big Step 4+one

2 weekend Theatre intensive for beginners

Big Step 4 + one" is a comprehensive introduction to Theatre workshop spanning over two-weekends that includes four  interactive, fun Theatre sessions plus one small Theatre piece performance.  

Big Step 12 Week Intensive

High on Theatre

WeMove's 12 week Theatre Intesive is an intensive theatre course held specially on week ends.This program is suited for university students, working professionals, and those students who are only able to attend a short program who would like to be exposed to new possibilities in their acting. The course is an instructor led, most probably by a senior member from WeMove Theatre repertory. 

The curriculum is based on our full-time programs students are largely taught Method Acting, Characterization, Improvization, Production fundamentals of lighting and any other additional electives that vary.

Each batch of Theatre intesive graduates with a fully directed Production being staged for public as a Ticketed event in any of the publich auditoriums. The play will be a guided show largely written or mentored specifically for Theatre Intensive.

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